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    Running from a bad marriage and in hope of facing her demons acclaimed but unhappy Radio DJ Nikki Frost has decided to ‘up sticks’ and move to Fog Island. There, her new life is full of excitement and adventure through the purchase of ‘Seafret Manor’ an old building that she’s creating into her very own radio station. She plans to bring out her son Harry,a few weeks later.
    Upon her arrival, Nikki gets a feeling that she and her staff of three funky DJ’s are unwelcome! There’s a history about the place that she can’t seem to uncover. Why does she keep seeing a strange figure darting around in the corridors of the building? What is the sad old music that echoes around its corridors?
    As the station goes live, it becomes apparent that a mysterious someone is willing to take their distain much further than giving a cold shoulder. This hatred runs deep and burns like the fires of Hell. As Nikki pieces together the unspeakable secret that lies inside the wall of Seafret Manor, her staff disappears one by one – without any trace. Now alone and devoid of any contact to the outside world, Nikki must face her killer in a brutal battle for survival.

    Updated at: 2013-01-14 18:25:22

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