Cast & Crew.

  • Director - Gary Rutherford
  • Producer/Co-Director - Craig Rutherford
  • Screenplay - Craig Rutherford/Gary Rutherford
  • Special effects - Wayne Thompson
  • Director Of Photography - Gavin Randall
  • Production Assistant - Dean Allen
  • Sound - Oscar Rutherford
  • Lighting - Gavin Randall
  • Website Design - Mark Defty
  • Locations Manager - Craig Rutherford/Jilly O' Donnell
  • Coastal Stills Photographer - Terry Rutherford
  • Events and Advertising Coordinater/ Manager - Amelia Mcqueen and Kitsch events
  • A Special Thank You To Wayne Madden From the YMCA North Shields for all of his kind help


  • Jilly O'Donnell as Nikki
  • Sharnie Williams as Michelle
  • Thelma Miller as Lilly
  • Stuart Ferroll as Billy
  • Craig Rutherford as Drew
  • Wayne Thompson as Micky
  • and Introducing Natasha Gray as Tabby Fisher

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